When to Seek Counseling for Your Gifted Child

  • Is your child's extreme sensitivity to things such as emotions, smells, noises, tastes, textures, schedule changes, etc. causing strain in the household?
  • Does your child seem to be stubborn and argumentative to the extreme?
  • Is your child intensely critical of self and/or others?
  • Does your child's drive for perfection cause anger, freezing up on projects and/or depression?
  • Have you noticed a significant change in your child's social behavior? Has your talkative, outgoing child suddenly become quiet and withdrawn? Is your normally quiet child having uncharacteristic outbursts?
  • Does your child seem to have lost her love of life? Is he/she dropping out of activities she formerly enjoyed, avoiding friends, skipping school, or are her/his grades dropping? Do you suspect he/she may be depressed?
  • Has there been a recent change in the family such as a death, divorce, move or change of schools that seems to be affecting your child more than you would expect?

How Can Connie Wax Help You?

I love to help Create Confident, Competent, Caring Families.  I believe Successfor parents is to know that their children have enough self-esteem to trust and be able to live with their own decisions.

I provide consultation and therapy for individuals and families.   I am “dedicated to fostering environments in which gifted adults and children, in all their diversity, understand and accept themselves and are understood, valued, nurtured, and emotionally supported…” (SENG publications:  “Selecting a psychologist or psychiatrist for your gifted child.”)  I can help you help your child maintain his/her strength of true individuality, while learning to function within society’s constraints.  My overall goal, in working with families and individuals is to assist all people to Develop Positive Self-Esteem, Thrive And Utilize Their Talents.

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