My Mission:

To provide consultation and therapy for individuals and families, with the hope that I can alleviate some of the pain with which gifted adults, parents, and children live. The overall goal is to assist gifted individuals in understanding and accepting themselves, find their paths and develop the trust, persistence, and discipline to be their best and accomplish their chosen goals.

You Are Not Alone – I Can Help

"People say to me, 'Oh, you’re so lucky to have such a bright child! How easy it must be for you.' She sighed, and said to me,' They have absolutely no idea how hard this is..."

The ability to take concepts and ideas to the next level is not a choice; It is something smart kids do without trying. While this skill can be a great asset in school, sports, art, or everyday life, it can also cause great pain. Because smart kids are always thinking their minds never rest. They are constantly spinning thoughts over and over, which can help them be brilliant and creativity but can also lead to a continual struggle with anxiety.
— Why Smart Kids Worry by Allison Edwards

Potential Goals of Counseling

  • CREATE a happier, enjoyable and healthy home life
  • BECOME competent in parenting your children in a loving and effective manner
  • LEARN effective ways to communicate, cooperate and solve problems
  • GAIN a sense of control over your household
  • DEVELOP a better understanding of giftedness and what it means to you and your family
Connie Wax saved my family’s sanity. She understood our children, our struggles, and offered support, knowledge and wisdom.
— Sue L.