Testimonials from Clients

Connie Wax saved my family’s sanity. She understood our children, our struggles, and offered support, knowledge and wisdom.
— Sue L.
Ms. Connie has helped me to look forward on my path in life. It has changed me since I was just 12 years old, and I have made decisions that I have never regretted. She has inspired me to be someone better and tried to shape my life the way I want it. I hope that others like me will go see Ms. Connie, because it really changed me from then to now and I have really changed since then.
— Brian R. (age 15)
When my son and I first met with Ms. Connie, we were a very broken family and unhappy, angst-filled individuals. Today, we are a happy unified unit and stronger on our own as well. But most important is how my son has grown to be intuitively true to himself and strong and articulate with all types of emotions; Traits I feel will serve to lead to a fulfilled life’s journey.
— Jesusa (Huntington Beach)
As a 35 year-old woman who had never even heard the word “gifted,” let alone what it meant before I met Connie, I felt alone, out of place, and broken. I spent years with other therapists, shamans, hypnotists, and everything under the sun — None of it helped. Once I found Connie Wax, an immediate sensation like a knowingness came over me; I felt that I had finally found a home. Over the course of a year not only have I learned incredible things about my brain and how it works, but I have also discovered amazing truths about my spirit and the person I am, the person I was born to be. I came into her office feeling lost, stuck, and afraid, and today, I not only have the knowledge and tools on how to be my authentic gifted self, I also have the courage. There is now so much joy in expressing who I am.
— Helen (Santa Monica)